ATA Trap /  DTL / ABT - Three overlays
  Thirty foot piles were sunk
 into the wet sand to form a stable base for the trap house
 The foundations are poured.
 The trap house is formed from thick concrete to give it weight and prevent it floating to the surface.
Finally, the sand-storm doors.
Abu Dhabi Site Map
First, piles were sunk into the ground then pumps removed the water from the surrounding area.  When the sand was dry, it was excavated revealing the piles.  These were then trimmed and the traphouse built on top. All the time, the pumps kept the water at bay.
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After casting, the trap house is sealed with bitumen to keep the water in the sand from penetrating the house.
The Shooting Academy specializes in Trap house design, for ATA Trap, DTL, ABT and International trap - see services above
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