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Shotgun Sports

Sporting Clays, Compak Clays, FITASC,  Trap, Skeet, Olympic Bunker, DTL, Universal Trench

Laser Scenario

Simulation - Dry Fire or Controlled Live Fire

Shotgun Sports
Rifle and Pistol

25, 50, 100 - 500 yards - indoor shooting range or outdoor shooting ranges
Fixed targets - retriever systems - LOMAH and OCAT - Berms and backstops
Bullet traps, stalls.   HVAC and filtration.

Rifle and Pistol
Law Enforcement

Combat - Safe House - Match House - Scene Mock-ups

Law Enforcement
Laser Scenario

Sporting Clays Course design by Mike Davey of The Shooting Academy.  Sporting Clays Course Design is an art similar to designing a golf course, only Sporting Clays Course Design has to accommodate safety and noise considerations.  Compak Clay Design or Sporting Clays Course Design is undertaken by many designers, but only a few have the recognized ability to design a "Sporting Clays Course design", that will rank amongst the top in the country, possibly the world. Mike also designs indoor shooting ranges, and private shooting ranges. Some clients want underground shooting ranges or rifle ranges or pistol ranges and to have supplied target shooting equipment.

The Shooting Academy has been involved with Sporting Clays Course Design since 1982 and has completed numerous top designs.  These include The Shooting Academy at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa, and The Abu Dhabi International Shooting Club in the UAE.
There is a section on this website for FREE documentation on range design and how to build an indoor shooting range.
Back in Scotland, Mike Davey and The Shooting Academy completed the first Sporting Clays Course Design in Galloway.  This shooting complex would incorporate all disciplines of shooting, Skeet Shooting Design, Rifle Range Design, Indoor Shooting Range Design and all Shotgun Shooting Range Design.

However, the complex would be appreciated for its Sporting Clays Range Design being the center of the Shooting Academy project.
NEW SECTION - Range Plans - Free Documentation on all aspects of
Shooting Ranges - Design, Pollution, Regulations - Click Here.

My profession is designing all shooting ranges.  This is not only the "targeting" areas and shooting lanes, but all the support facilities that surround these.
SDZ (Surface Danger Zone) - Berms and Backstops - landscaping and shooting stations.
Pro-shop and classrooms, storage and offices.
My clients include commercial clubs and private facilities.
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