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These drawings show the rules for the TRAP / DTL / ABT and Double Trap target presentations.  The target(s) starting point should be on an imaginary line through shooter three's position. The pivot point of the trap's throwing arm should be positioned along this line and approximately 16" back from the front of the traphouse  A line running through this intersection point and parallel to the shooter's line, is called the Base Line. The target for DTL, TRAP and ABT  will be approximately 8" behind this point.  The Traphouse design is important and placing of the Trap machine must be precise.  Target trajectories are defined by ISSF and ATA organizations.  Double trap is a relatively new game, with closly defined target trajectories especially the 35 degree angle between the simultaneously released targets.
These side views show the different traphouse designs and their heights relative to ground level.

LEFT is  ABT / Doubles.
The roof is at ground level.

ATA Trap / US Doubles /  DTL The roof is 26" - 34" above ground level.
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