Sporting Arrows
Targets are thrown into the air then shot with an arrow.
Sporting Arrows is.
QUIET           - No noise.
SAFE             - No bullets
CLEAN          - No damage or mess
EASY             - Anyone can play.
LOW COST   - Targets and arrows
                          are re-usable

Set up on any small area of land:
Large garden
Golf Course
School playing field
Hotel Garden

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by Laporte
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The Game
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The NEW revolutionary  Archery game taking the sport to a higher level. Watch the Video

Sporting Arrows is a new archery game to supplement the static archery target shooting that has been the norm for many years. Based upon the clay pigeon sport of Sporting Clays, Sporting Arrows uses the same principal of Sporting Clays  --   Shoot a moving target.
Laporte Sporting Arrows is a new game appealing to the experienced archer, the newcomer to the sport and children and ladies of all ages.
Sporting Arrows is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to have fun.
There is no mess - (no broken targets or shot-shells), everything is re-usable.   It has proven itself over many hilarious hours of shooting by groups of archers and new-comers alike, who get 'hooked" and can't put the game down.
Sporting Arrows is so easy, how can you miss.
Time and time again the archer shoots at the target and sees how he "just missed it".  One more go, and I'll get it this time.